Nick Stanley



What started out as an idea for an album turned itself into an unexpected--yet incredible-- spiritual journey of self-discovery, growth and healing. 
I have finally found my voice after years of swimming through a sea of self-doubt, depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD. There is such an unfortunate and negative stigma associated with Mental Health, and few people feel comfortable talking about it, but talking about mental health is truly essential for the better health of us all.
Personality differences shouldn't seperate us or be used against us. Our society bullys, be-littles, and mocks and disguises it all as 'harmlessly' joking.
Being too emotional, feeling too deeply, is something I have dealt with my entire life, but I find those traits to be signs of strength, not weakness. Realizing this, I now know that my voice has been stifled for far too long by the toxic masculinity I was surrounded by.
We all are capable of finding happiness within ourselves. Leave toxic relationships, toxic friendships, and GROW!!! Reach for higher vibrarions. BE A GOOD HUMAN!!! BETTER YOURSELF!!! LOVE YOURSELF!!! The right people will come.
The road to enlightenment may not be easy, but it is beautiful; You will find yourself moving from the darkest corners of your mind to the most uplifting spiritual revelations that will bring tears to your eyes! 
Believe in the universe, it gives you everything you need. Manifest what your soul desires. It will be! 🌙💜✌NS.

Nick Stanley_The Mechanical Boy

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